Meet our Member's
Jerry Crossno Vice President   Nicknames:  Jerry Jugs & Jughead and Uncle Fester.   
 Age 41  Years in Wheels: 7
Offices held:  Vice President: (current) 2 Terms   Sgt. at Arms  Years Vanning: 7
Vans owned: 1979 Chevy, 1967 Ford Econoline Supervan, 1971 Ford Econoline Shorty
Favorite Van Run: Vail Lake   Turn Ons: Big Fat Boobs   Turn Offs: Small Boobs  Status: Engaged to Ilene Wakstein                                                                                                               
Phil Jones President  Nicknames:  Sluggo,  Captain Sluggo  Age: 60  Years in Wheels: 15
Offices held:  Vice President, President (current) 4 Terms (current)  Years Vanning: 39
Vans owned: 1973 Dodge Shorty, 1979 Chevy Shorty, 1966 Ford Econoline 8 Door, 1966 Dodge Window Van Trailer, 1967 Econoline Trailer, 1966 VW Panel, 1961 Divco
Favorite Van Run: Crazy Horse Lakeout in Arizona, Van Nationals in Humansville Missouri  Turn Ons:  Chicks in White pants Turn Offs: Anything Scooby Doo, People who litter.  Previous Clubs: Tucson Vans & Photon Vans (Arizona)  Status:  Single
John Ferguson Treasurer  Nicknames:  Dubber  Age: 40  Years in Wheels:  5 Years  Offices held:
Secretary (2 Terms)  Treasurer (current) Years in Vanning: 8 Years  Vans Owned:  1970 VW, 1971 VW, 1973 VW, 1969 Ford E200, 1974 Ford Quadravan, 1972 Ford E100 Shorty, 1974 Dodge Shorty, 1972 Dodge 440 (current), 1976 Dodge, 1977 Dodge, 1977 Dodge Maxi, 1973 Dodge Shorty  Turn Ons:  Red Heads, Green Eyes, Guns, Cars  Turn Offs: Liberals, Wind   Status: Single
Adam Ris Secretary  Nicknames:  EarForceOne, Gilligan, The Flying Dutchman, The Mad Hatter,  Age: 38  Years in Wheels: 5 years  Offices held: Sgt. at Arms, Secretary (current)  Years in Vanning 15
Vans Owned: 1997 Dodge Shorty BVan Conversion, 1972 Ford E200 Panel, 1972 Dodge Tradesman B100 Shorty  Favorite Van Run:  Dazed & Confused   Turn Ons: Good Tunes  Turn Offs:  Missing Van Events  Status: Married to Amy Shepard 2018
Stephanie Huerta Sgt. at Arms  Nicknames:  Steph  Age: 51  Years in Wheels:  9 Years  Vans Owned:  2000 Chevy Astro, 1999 Ford E150, 2001 Ford E250  Offices Held:  Sgt. at Arms (current)  Years in Vanning:  9 Years  Favorite Van Run: Dazed & Confused  Turn Ons:  Teasing Dubber,  Turn Offs:  Those who Lie, Two-Faced People  Status: Single
Angela Mayzum  Nicknames:  Big Red  Age: 52  Years in Wheels: 4 Years  Offices Held:  Treasurer,  Favorite Van Runs:  Gypsy River Run, Dazed & Confused  Turn Ons: Men in Uniform, Men with Beards  Turn Offs:  Disrespectful People  Status: Single
Ronny Johnson  Nicknames: Love Machine  Years in Wheels: 4  Years Vanning: 4 Vans Owned: 1970 Ford Econoline "Love Machine", 1972 Dodge and many VW Buses.  Favorite Van Run: Dazed & Confused at Lake Elsinore  Turn Ons: Beautiful Women
Turn Offs: Rich people with an attitude  Status: Single

RoseAnn Huerta,  Nickname: "K.O."  Years in Wheels: 3  Years in Vanning: 3 
Vans owned: Late model Ford Econoline, Favorite van run: Totally Confused.  Turn ons: Family, love & peace and good people  Turn Offs:  Drama, fake people and bull shit keep it at your front door.  Status: Single
Steve Saybrook  Nickname:  "The Quiet One", Years in Wheels: 38 Years Vanning: 10,
Offices held in Wheels: President, Vice-President, Treasurer.  Vans owned: 1972 Dodge shorty "Mythical Creation", 1975 Dodge, 1973 Chevy "Shades of Blue", 1976 Dodge B200.  Turn Ons: Hot Blondes  Turn Offs: None  Status:  Single
Tom Chronister, Age:  60 years old, Nicknames: Names of his vans, 
 Years in vanning: 42 , Years in Wheels: 32,  Offices held: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Number of vans owned: 10 including National show champion Deathstar, California Dreamin', Silverado, Nautilus and more.  Turn Ons: Blondes on the beach & Heather, Turn Offs: People who do not understand vanning.  Now in Wheels of Confusion Arizona Chapter  Status:  Married to Heather Smith
Mark Holsinger, Age: 53  Years Vanning: 36  Years in Wheels: 34  Vans owned: 1978 Ford E150, 1979 Chevy G20, 1994 Chevy Astro, 1975 Chevy G10, 1977 Chevy G20 named "Roadhouse", Offices held: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Sgt. at Arms.  Turn Ons: Chicks & Vans, Turn Offs: Asshats, People who think they are better  Status: Single
Alan Quilty,  Age: 63  Nickname: Old Timer Years in Vanning: 40+  Years in Wheels: 8 Vans owned: 1962 Holden (Australian) Favorite Van Run: U.S. & Australian Nationals Other clubs Van Council of Victoria (Australia) Turn Ons: Vans  Status: Widowed
Heather Smith, Age: 52  Nicknames: Lil' Sister or Smitty Years Vanning: 37 Years in Wheels: 4  Previous Clubs: Our Gang Vans  Vans Owned: 1965 Chevy, 1974 Dodge, 1977 Dodge, 1970 Ford Econoline, 1974 Dodge , 1990s Chevy  Favorite Van Runs: Dazed & Confused  Turn Ons: Large Blonde Nordic Men with Muscles  
Turn Offs: B.O. She has a sensitive nose & is short around arm pit level  Status: Married to Tom Chronister
Jim Muller, Age: 50 something, Nicknames: Jimbo Number of years Vanning: 30 years,
Number of years in Wheels: 2 years.  Vans owned: 1966 Ford Econoline Panel, 1974 Ford E200 Window Van, 1963 Ford E100, 1969 E200  Favorite Van Run: Dazed & Confused, Turn Ons:  Fast Cars & Vans  Turn Offs: Mean people  Status: Married
Kevin Mowery, Age 58.  Nickname: KeVan (key-van)  Years in Wheels: 4 Years in Vanning: 44 years.  Vans owned: a Corvair, 1964, 1968. 1974, 1975, 1977, 1979. 1985, 1987 Chevy Vans.  1980, 1999 Astro Vans, 1990 GMC Safari, 1964 VW Stake. Favorite Van Run: Other than the Nationals, Spring Fever in Kansas City. Other clubs he has been in: Rocky Mountain Vans of Denver President for 25 years, Rocky Mountain Vans of Long Beach  Status: Single

Greg Coddington  Nickname: Peg Leg Greg  Years in Wheels: First Year 2017  Years Vanning: 20  Vans Owned: 1964 Econoline, 62 Econoline, 63 Econoline, 1978 Ford, 1981 Dodge Sportsman, 1965 Dodge D100, 1992 GMC Safari, 1996 Chevy Astro, Turn Ons: Turn Offs Turn Offs: Turn Ons  Status: Single
Robert Waldron  Nickname: "77"  Years in Wheels: New in 2017  Years Vanning: 1  Vans Owned:  1977 Chevy  Favorite Run: Palo Verde  Status: Married