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Wheels of Confusion was formed back in 1972.  2022 marked 50 
years as a van club.  Back in the early days Wheels merged with a
club callled Rainy Day Truckers to form a bigger club.  We are still 
going strong and are very active.  We usually put on 3-4 events per
year as well as attend other clubs events plus car shows, campouts,
cruises and more.  Our members vans range from everyday drivers to vans under construction, vans built for camping to all out show vans.  We have vans from the early 60's to current day models.  Our members range in age from the 30's to the 70's.  This past November we put on Dazed & Confused #19 in Lake Elsinore.  It was a four day event with a van show, games, buffet, live music, awards and more.  103 vans attended with vanners from California, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada.  We also put on a couple of one day events during the year.  We meet once a month, more if we are working on an event in Anaheim, call Greg at 714-323-1954 for time and location, we are always looking for van owners interested in joining a great van club



New day event coming soon  stay tuned!!

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