Wheels of Confusion History

          Dazed & Confused #14 Lake Elsinore
Dazed & Confused #13 Lake Elsinore
Dash plaque from Dazed & Confused #1
held May 1979 at Lake Perris California
Phantoms Summer Party 
California Street Vans Slo-Ride
Huntington Beach & Riverside Chapters Slo-ride
Christmas Party with Whaat Vans & Pirate
Vanners Placentia California
Dazed & Confused Mojave Oasis Newberry Springs
Former Los Angeles Chapter Members
Current & Former Members OC Van Cruise Cerritos
                          In-n-Out Burger
Past & Present Members Camel & Darrels Superbowl
Lil Pauls Summer Party Meniffee California
Winning Air Band at Vail Lake
Vail Lake

Past Presidents of Wheels

Rick Rapp

Paul Gillistrom

Jim Hutton

Bill Turgeon

Don Holthe (Phantom)

Bob Durbin (Schrooms)

Wally Osbourn

Jim Holbrook

Eddie Smith (Hot Tuna)

Steve Saybrook

Mark Holsinger

Tom Chronister HB & Arizona

Brad Phillips HB & Riverside

Jim Bacchi LA

Charlie Henderson (Baja Charlie)

Dave Tudor (Riverside)

Barry LaFroy (Riverside)

Fred Durfee (Riverside)

Phil Jones (Sluggo) current

End of California Street Vans "Slo-Ride" with many Wheels Members

 Past Locations for Dazed & Confused

  1. Lake Perris KOA

  2. La Jolla Indian Reservation Pauma Valley

  3. La Jolla Indian Reservation Pauma Valley

  4. Tucalota Springs RV Park Sage

  5. Tucalota Springs RV Park Sage

  6. Glen Ivy RV Park Corona

  7. Glen Ivy RV Park Corpna

  8. Mojave Oasis Newberry Springs

  9. Mojave Oasis Newberry Springs

10. Mojave Oasis Newberry Springs

11. La Laguna Lake Elsinore

12. La Laguna Lake Elsinore

13. La Laguna Lake Elsinore

14. La Laguna Lake Elsinore Yurt Village

15. La Laguna Lake Elsinore Yurt Village




Wheels member Tom Chronisters van           "Silverado" gracing the cover of Custom      Vanner Magazine.  Tom also picked up a       second place trophy in his class at last         years Nationals in Indiana.