Members Bio's

Phil Jones  Captain Sluggo

Current President, former Vice President 


Years in Wheels 19

Current Van:  1966 Ford Econoline 8 Door

Turn Ons:  Chicks in white pants 

Turn Offs: Anything Scooby Do

and people who litter

Marital status: Single

Charter Member

John Ferguson  Dubber  

Current Treasurer  Former Secretary 

Years in Wheels  9

Current Van:  1972 Dodge with a

fuel injected 440

Turn Ons: Red heads, green eyes, guns, cars 

Turn offs:  Liberals, wind

Marital status: Single

Current project: First gen. Econoline

Adam Ris  Gilligan The Mad Hatter  Ear Force One

                         The Ris Carlton

Current Secretary, Former Sgt. at Arms 


Years in Wheels: 9

Current Van: 1972 Ford Econoline Panel

with a built 302

Turn Ons:  Good Tunes 

Turn Offs: Missing Van Events

Marital Status: Married to Amy Shepard

Stephanie Huerta Steph

Current Sgt. at Arms  Years in Wheels:  13

Current Van:   1997 Ford

Econoline Chateau

Turn Ons:  Teasing Dubber 

Turn Offs:  People who lie

and two-faced people

Marital Status: Single

Greg Coddington  Peg Leg Greg

Current Vice President,

Former Sgt. at Arms

Years in Wheels: 4

Current Van: 1963 Ford Econoline

Turn Ons:  Turn Offs 

Turn Offs: Turn Ons

Marital Status: Single

Steve Saybrook  The Quiet One

Former President, Vice President, 

Years in Wheels: 41

Current 2nd Sgt. at Arms

Current Van:  1976 Dodge 200

Turn Ons:  Hot  Blondes-Lisa

Marital Status: Married to

Lisa Gager

Charter Member

Robert Waldron   "77"


Years in Wheels: 4


Current Van:  1977 Chevy

Marital Status:  Married to Kathy Waldron

Angela Mayzum  Big Red

Former Treasurer   Years in Wheels: 8

Turn Ons:  Men in Uniform,

men with beards

Turn Offs:  Disrespectful people

Marital Status: Single

Alan Quilty    Old Timer

Years  in Wheels: 12

Marital Status: Widowed

  Amy Shepard-Ris   Everyone loves Amy

  Former Safety Officer  Years in Wheels: 9

  Marital Status: Married to Adam

Ron Johnson  Love Machine

Years in Wheels: 8

Current Van:  1970 Ford Econoline

"Love Machine"

Turn ons:  Beautiful Women 

Turn Offs:  Rich people with attitudes

Marital Status:  Single

Mark Holsinger

Former President, Vice President,

Treasurer, Sgt. at Arms

Years in Wheels:   40

Current Van:  1977 Chevy

Turn Ons: Chicks & Vans 

Turn Offs:  Asshats who think they

are better

Marital Status:  Single

Charter Member

Tom Chronister

Wheels of Confusion Arizona Chapter

Years in Wheels: 35

Former President, Vice President, Treasurer

Current Vans:  Deathstar 1977 Dodge

plus many more

Turn Ons:  Blondes on the beach and


Turn Offs: People who don't

understand vanning

Marital Status:  Married to Heather Smith

Charter Member

Heather Smith  Lil Sis

Wheels of Confusion Arizona Chapter

Years in Wheels:  8

Current Van:  1990 Chevy

Turn Ons: Blonde Nordic Men with muscles 

Turn Offs: B.O.  She is at arm pit level

Marital Status:  Married to Tom Chronister

RoseAnn Huerta  "k.O."

years in wheels: 6

Marital Status: Single

Michelle Bron

Years in Wheels: 8

Marital Status: Single